Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I use Flipbizz?

Flipbizz provides you a meaningful platform, to build your network and beyond, and gather resources and education offline. It also has online tools to equip you with your business dealings.

In addition, our platform allows you to reap benefits as you grow your community in Flipbizz by rewards (refer to Terms and Conditions). And you are able to promote your business online with offers and advertisements, as well as managing your network.

I am already in other business network platforms. Why do I need this one?

There are several differences between Flipbizz and other business network platforms. For one, Flipbizz is a complete ecosystem that exists both online and offline. We have a keen focus on an ever expanding network that not only monetizes your network, but also encourages interpersonal growth for businesspeople, professionals and entrepreneurs.

You can also build your community by using Flipbizz platform. Contact our customer care for more information.

Besides the communities' subscription fee, do I need to pay any other additional fees?


I am very busy businessman, how do I have time for networking?

We understand that sometimes networking takes too much time from doing the actual business. That is why we ensure your commitment is limited to only a couple of days in a month for offline events, which in any case, will greatly benefit you and your business.

Networking with our app will only take 10 minutes of your time as you get relevant business associates into your circle, while being matched with the contacts that you want.

I want to join multiple businesses community. Do I have to subscribe for every different community subscriptions?

Yes, you can subscribe for different community listed in the Flipbizz app. Some are free. Every subscription is operate by different owner to provide their expertise services. Subscription is for One (1) year renewal basis.

Can I transfer my Flipbizz Account to another person?

You can, but only to family members. There are standard transfer procedures which include providing the necessary supporting documents to ensure a rightful handover of both your business profile and network. Should the need arises, please contact us for more information and assistance.

Must I build my network? Is there a time frame?

Why not? When you build your community network, not only will you gain valuable connections, you will also gain Flipbizz rewards, redemption, and best of all a return for your yearly investment into Flipbizz. The bigger the network grows, the more you get.

How will it affect me if the members of my network are not subscribing for any community?

It will not affect you. It is entirely up to each Flipbizz subscriber. It will be on their own initiative, to collect his benefits. Ensure your networking on Flipbizz is active daily, and your network will continue to grow and expand over time.

What will happen if I don’t acquire my minimum monthly Active Point?

Only for Business Circle users, you can have the active points converted to bizz points to redeem advertisement space and gifts. If you do not achieve the minimum monthly active points, you will not be entitled to the rewards generated from your spin-off circles, hence, you will not be able to redeem for advertisement space or use our gift shop services.

Do I have to contribute a percentage of my business profit generated through my network in Flipbizz?

You do not have to. However, you can choose to contribute your rebates to a good cause by giving back to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. There are many interesting events and programs churned from our CSR plans so please contact us when it is released and you are interested.

I am not mobile technology savvy. I may not know how to use the app.

It is a business mobile application so it is understandable that the application can be more so difficult to use. However, we have a customer support team that will provide face-to-face guidance and assistance should you need help using the app.

You can assign an editor to help manage your business / organization feeds and advertisements. When you join our offline business networking sessions, there will also be mobile application assistants on ground to share with you how to use Flipbizz.

Do I have to attend any physical networking event or meet-up?

There will be different business events, some from us, and others from our partners which you can attend and participate.

From time to time we will organize different business events at our centre. You may choose to attend and participate in the ones you like. Follow us on Facebook to receive first-hand updates on the latest events.

If I decided that this is not for me, can I cancel my subscription any time?

FLIPBIZZ subscription is not bound by a contract; you may cancel your subscription any time. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

How do you ensure the credibility of the subscribers in this platform? Is there an evaluation system in place?

All subscribers are to submit their valid documentation for verification to obtain a Verified Badge in their profile. This ensures the credibility of FLIPBIZZERS on this platform. We are determined to manage FLIPBIZZ as a healthy business networking platform for businesspeople, professionals and entrepreneurs, as everyone within are enrolled via recommendations or referrals from business associates.

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