August 2018

Borrowed Power VS Being Empowered

Everyone borrows power from now if you are aware that you need certain skills and you have decided at some level that you “don’t have time” or “you will find a way without those skills” or “others have become successful without those skills,” then you may certainly think so. And you will certainly suffer along the way; both emotionally and financially. The number one question I received in my messages is “How to empower women?” I realized that the word “empower” has been used to advertise, sell and often times do the opposite of what it means. Marketers have used the phrase to make huge profits and make women feel like they NEED the product in order to feel empowered. Let’s remember what empower really means. Find a charity you love, you’ll never regret being kind. For the past 5 years I have donated to passion. You can choose who you want to sponsor. I decided to sponsor a young girl. She is now 13 and is still going to school. Most girls at her age are taken out to help at home. Due to the small donation I make every month she will continue to get an education. I see a lot of people every day who are circumscribed by those beliefs. They believe they shouldn’t spend a good 6 – 8 hours of their day consciously working on their goals. They believe in shortcuts. They say things like, I am trying to work “smarter” and not “harder.” People who believe they should work “smarter” are typically people who do the bare minimum to get by. Their heart is not into what they are doing and they are simply tagging along “to see what happens” or until they “figure out what they are truly passionate about.” I am not saying you should not search for your purpose. You are certainly entitled to do so. But that’s on you to do. No one will find your purpose for you. And you won’t find your purpose sitting at home or in front of your TV or by slacking off at your job. If you are not investing serious and I mean serious effort into your goals, then you are not serious about finding your purpose. You are simply lazy. But there is a second group of people who, unlike the lazy archetype, are enslaved by false beliefs. They genuinely want to accomplish their goals, but they do not understand what the process of reaching their goals really looks like. They have false beliefs about the process. They often romanticize the process of success and think of it as a linear experience from start to finish: where the good times greatly outnumber the bad times. Now, I have no doubt that their heart is in it, but the truth is that their failure to make real progress is a result of lacking certain skills. They do not have the necessary set of skills to help them chart the strategic path and execute. In this post, I will discuss a few modest ideas that have helped me elevate my consciousness and make progress on my goals. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Flipbizz @ Big Centure or any person or organization related to them

Flipbizz Reaching The Tipping Point

After many months of struggle to better improve the Flipbizz platform, you will be pleased to notice we have achieved several breakthroughs. We have recruited several key individuals into our organization, and by getting the right team members and partners in, we are back on track to building our ecosystem. These include strong personalities in the technical department to assist in expediting the development of the app to stay close to our project schedule. With this, Flipbizz is now better prepared to serve our growing downloaders base and to provide a worthwhile product for our Ambassadors to be proud of. The smartphone application is now in the process of being equipped with exciting new tools such as the chat function and the Membership Management System or MMS, that will not only improve the user experience but also ease the business communications and tasks for the subscribers to the Flipbizz platform. There will be effective events held in the coming months. While most are in the planning stages, we can confirm several high notch meets will be organized, including the next edition of B.O.S.S. Day on the 10th of October and the Flipnovation Summit on the 16th of March next year. We revised our mission and vision to better reflect the work that we do for you, and our expectations for the future. We will soon be able to exclaim Flipbizz as an enhanced product and good business for our investors. More updates to come later as Flipbizz grows in power.

June 2018

Flipbizz Ambassadors Networking Night @ Little Heritage House, PJ Section 17.

Join us for a LEPAK night to, relax, refresh & reconnect with all the other Ambassadors.

Enjoy a dining experience where you can connect and engage with high calibre like minded Flipbizz Ambassadors only over a delicious dinner.Being part of the Flipbizz platform can be challenging in terms of time and commitment, therefore we are grateful for the support of our pioneering Ambassadors.We are going to have a marvellous meet up over delectable Nyonya cuisine, in an environment espousing Straits Chinese cultural traditions of old, renewed for today.The Networking Night at Little Heritage House, situated in between Street Connections Bar and Italian Wine Shop within Petaling Jaya Section 17, promises a delightful night of networking among our Ambassadors. Besides the delicious food, we will be sharing updates and upcoming plans for the business community platform to progress further. The main objective for the event however, is for all the Ambassadors to finally get together for a casual chit chat and to know one another better. We are looking forward for this first of many wondrous evenings where we can gather under the banner of Flipbizz.If you wish to know how the Flipbizz business community platform can help you with your business, and wish to be one of our many Ambassadors. Do email us at:  

Let's Lepak

Flipbizz Ambassadors Networking Night

Date: 29 June 2018 Time: 6 PM ONWARDS Venue: Little Heritage House No 23 Ground 8 1st Floor Jalan 17/ 56 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. WhatsApp us to confirm your seats: +60177824035 (QILA)

Flipbizz Moves Forward To Another Milestone, Together With MotoNation.

Motonation is a corporate lifestyle event for automobile lovers of all walks of life, coming together to celebrate their passion for vehicles. The event is in its second edition and will be held at MATRADE Exhibition Convention Centre from the 19th to the 21st of October 2018.To raise awareness and congregating partners towards the big event, Motonation conducts a series of networking sessions centred on business growth and knowing new marvellous people. Team Flipbizz attended the 3rd networking event hosted by Motonation at Hyde Motorsports Hotel KL, where we break fast with our Muslims friends, and had a meaningful networking session with fresh acquaintances and potential partners.The host conducted a detailed and interesting presentation on the Motonation brand and its events including the Asia Automobile Awards 2018 and the Asia Automobile Ambassador Search 2018. was also there to announce its presence on the night as the platinum sponsor for the campaign. Then, Flipbizz takes the stage with Motonation as collaborators, to sign a Memoradum Of Understanding. This latest in a series of meaningful collaborations, advances our mission in working together with energetic partners to further solidify the business community. This union of networks will not only bring together quality connections, but also widening our pool of opportunities.

May 2018

Flipbizz Will Work Together With The Multiple Sclerosis Support Group Of Penang, In A Quest To Improve The Lives Of MS Patients.

  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the most difficult and challenging diseases in the world. It does not help that severity of symptoms vary depending on individuals. There are no definite treatments for this debilitating and costly disease that is a mystery to the medical field and has no cure. The best we can do is to raise awareness and advocate for progress in MS research and treatment, to gather resources and information available worldwide, while providing counseling, care, and support towards a better quality of life for our friends and loved ones who are impacted by this severe disease.

 Our ambassador Mr.Peter Lim is explaining about his journey  “Living With MS” campaign

Flipbizz gets involved in the mission to curb MS. Joining forces with The Multiple Sclerosis Support Group Of Penang, we co-organized the “Living With MS” campaign together in conjunction with World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2018, on May the 19th, to encourage people living with MS to keep moving forward in life. Besides a music performance and a coloring competition for children, there was distribution of funds for MS patients, and a meaningful talk by Mr. Peter Lim on his decade-long journey as an MS survivor. An MOU was also signed between Flipbizz and The Multiple Sclerosis Support Group Of Penang, for future collaborations.

Dr.Madelene Ong is signing MOU with our ambassador Mr.Peter Lim

Flipbizz was asked to share about the application and the business networking environment that can assist MS patients with their individual goals, from career advancements to promoting personal growth. With Flipbizz, they will also get to communicate with business people and entrepreneurs to improve their mental strengths and skill sets. We offer our deepest appreciation to Flipbizz Ambassador Mr. Peter Lim, Chairman of The Multiple Sclerosis Support Group Of Penang, for his tireless efforts in raising awareness of MS in Malaysia, and thank everyone who was present that day, especially our Flipbizz Ambassadors. We hope the dawn will come, when we can finally be in control, against MS.  

Marketing Executive, Ms.Divya is presenting about flipbizz application flow to the audiences.  

An energetic-filled group picture.

Building collaboration and community in Flipbizz !

Good news dear Flipbizzers, Collab Coworking Space, a workspace sharing service provider in PJ, will be launching their operations from August 2018 promising a distinct social gathering of independent working people. Flipbizz has signed an MOU with Collab Coworking Space to offer the best deals for us. We understand our member's needs and we have taken one mighty step forward for you. Below are the benefits of this collaboration, for Flipbizzers: * Flipbizzer is at least a profession circle subscriber. 1. Free one day pass for all Flipbizzer inclusive for free use of Sauna, Jacuzzi, gym and free 50 PC printing services, free pantry use of the free flow of aromatic English coffee and snacks. 2. Discount for meeting space: First hour free (for Subscribed Flipbizzers) 3. Discount for rental of co-working space: 10% off (for Subscribed Flipbizzers)

Flipbizz and Collab Co-Working Space have mutually collaborated to give the best to Flipbizz community.  

Done and Dusted to further explore the opportunities ahead.

Here we are, successfully collaborated with Collab Co-Working Space.


Post your event and offer for FREE now at Flipbizz

Good news! Dear Flipbizzers, Post your event and offer for FREE! All the business circle subscribers will be entitled to utilize Flipbizz Event & Offer features for 6-month period (May to October) for completely free. This Flipbizz key feature is free now to encourage everyone to master it. This features open to all business circle subscribers to experience and create an unlimited event and offer postings without any charges or hassles. Every new event & offer postings on this platform will be visible to all the Flipbizzers (including free users), all users allowed to forward the postings to third-party platforms, such as Facebook, linked in, wechat, whatsapp. Flipbizz App offers FREE event and offers advertising and listing services, for especially business circle users. Please review the following terms that govern your use of this service.  Be advised that your use of this app constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Fairness and Equality Policy Flipbizz includes a facility to list political and religious events.  Events can be posted but should not be considered as evidence of any religious, political, or social bias or endorsement on the part of Flipbizz.  Advertisers are responsible for their own listings, and only business circle members can advertise events. We do of course reserve the right to delete any venue or listing, without prior notice, which we feel is not in the spirit of Flipbizz or detrimental to our own reputation or that of other Advertisers. User Submissions and Conduct Advertisers are responsible for their own listings and are requested to conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner.  Foul or offensive language is not permitted.  Sexually explicit images are not permitted.  'Adult' events do not suit the spirit of this website and may not be advertised (there are plenty of more suitable sites available elsewhere).  Any unsuitable or offensive content will be removed without notice and may result in your being prevented from advertising any events in the future. Limitation of Liability Flipbizz App’s events and offers feature is completely FREE to use and business circle subscribed members can advertise their own events. All we do is to provide a FREE online publicity and promotion facility, which we believe is the best in the World. Therefore Flipbizz accepts no direct nor indirect liability in any form.  As Flipbizz is not responsible for individual events, we will not entertain complaints regarding their cancellation, the non-appearance of certain acts or facilities, nor anything else beyond our control. Your use of Flipbizz assumes your acceptance of this limitation to our liability. User Information Visitors to Flipbizz App are assured of data privacy and safety at all times, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your information is safe with us.  We will not sell your details on or pass them on to any third parties.  As a matter of personal safety, personal telephone numbers and addresses are discouraged from being placed in adverts. General We hope you enjoy Flipbizz App feature and that you find it useful. If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions for this website or feel any of the points raised require clarification, please contact us. Venue: A-03-01 ,Vertical Business Suite, Avenue 3 , Bangsar South City , No 8 Jalan Kerinchi , 59200 KL.

Customer Care : +603 2856 8338

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April 2018

“Art Of Tour Planning ”_Event Highlight

A successful networking business showcase by Mr.Eric Lau, Managing Director of Travel Smart on the topic ‘The art of tour planning’ on 26/04/2018.It was a great honor to have Mr.Eric speak to present his business showcase at our Flipbizz platform. His informative presentation kept our participants up and engaged for almost two hours! We hope to arrange other ambassadors to speak at our platform in the near future. Lau Chong Hin (ERIC) Managing Director, Travel Smart Sdn Bhd Get connected with Mr.Lau in Flipbizz by clicking the link, Connect with Mr.Eric through flipbizz now at FB Code: FB00000015 to plan and make your trip remarkable.

Mr. Eric Lau is explaining about travel smart packages and his experiences. 

Marketing Executive, Ms.Fiqa is presenting about flipbizz application flow to the audiences.  


Networking Session.


Networking Session.


An energetic-filled group picture.