About Us

Still worry about how to prepare yourself for networking?

Flipbizz is an online business application with offline resources. Beyond the networking, forums, programs and the other offerings, the main intent is to have a great online and offline support for business. The creation of Flipbizz has a lot to do with the need to have more business opportunities. It started on that note because of the problems with traditional mining of opportunities. Think about it. Word-of-mouth marketing is often based on individual bias, as your experience with a certain service or product is different from others. Traditional networking societies tends to form cliques and clans that may have faux-inspirational notions along with commitments that may hinder actual work being done. In fact, it is due to these often swept aside problems that four individuals from a famous business networking platform, decided to combine heads and efforts to readdress the situation.


To be the most valuable and respected online networking platform to empowerment of enterpreneurship


Offering easy adoption community networking and management App with offline experience. Bringing communities together. Making the community experience valuable, easy and sustainable.



We uphold certain positive values and critical thinking into business. We believe in building a business community would be vital in sustaining long term goals. Creating a family business environment from the online application to the offline environment. Having a trustworthy climate among all subscribers within our community. In this environment, everybody is equal because everyone will have differing privileges and strengths, where weaknesses can be solved and strengths can be shared to make everyone complete. We wish to have leaders to groom entrepreneurs into leaders, who in turn would mentor other entrepreneurs of the future. We work as a group, a natural ecosystem that bands people together. Because there is strength in a unified community. Business networking should be made simpler so that actual work can always be executed. And all of these start with the Flipbizz application, and the environment we created.


Flipbizz is the real deal. The management and the support team have with them as individuals, 2 to 20 years of experience in various industries covering medical, properties, branding, intellectual property, marketing and so forth. We have a circle system that is similar but not multi-level based. In this circle, every subscriber carries no products, earns no overriding, has no lines above or below, and cuts no percentage from any other subscriber. Everyone would benefit from having their own circle, which would conglomerate with other circles, forming valuable formations of larger communities. Everybody has connections. We help you use the connections and maximize your benefits, because a connection system that thrives would bring to you greater empowerment and success.


Flipbizz came into the light because of that. Getting the right resources, the correct crowd and the accurate information. There will be no scepticism of anyone because every subscriber is vetted through our filtering system. People want to have trust and confidence before beginning work with someone new. Most importantly, a business community must never fall into the trap of negative mentality. There must always be a positive minded support system.


Our business platform, from the networking aspects to on the ground activities, are quite distinct from others. The connections you have built across time can be passed on to the next of kin or to your best friend, whoever you may nominate, for continuity. Our community builds bridges to educational institutions for students to prepare them as professionals for potential employments. We give perks and additional benefits, ranging from your personal drink at Starbucks to a relaxing trip to a beauty salon.

Beyond business connection and networking

The business world has evolved so much. Straight jacket, turtle neck and jeans are accepted in the business world. Flexibility to work has become the norm. People have moved from boardroom and office rooms to café, hotel and even beach side to work. Connecting and networking with the right people and skills via online is the trend now. Digital nomads have become a trend.

Imagine meeting up a photographer, fashion designer, a caterer, an emcee all in an online business platform like Flipbizz if you are an event manager. You have all the right connection you need to work as a team in Flipbizz.

The internet has opened up a whole new opportunity to build your own business empire and empower your business circles with a few taps on your smartphone.

In short, Flipbizz is the new trend of doing business, connecting and networking with others online. A platform where we bring both technology and a human touch to your business world. Flipbizz’s Empowering your Network.