Everyone borrows power from now if you are aware that you need certain skills and you have decided at some level that you “don’t have time” or “you will find a way without those skills” or “others have become successful without those skills,” then you may certainly think so. And you will certainly suffer along the way; both emotionally and financially.

The number one question I received in my messages is “How to empower women?”

I realized that the word “empower” has been used to advertise, sell and often times do the opposite of what it means. Marketers have used the phrase to make huge profits and make women feel like they NEED the product in order to feel empowered.

Let’s remember what empower really means.

Find a charity you love, you’ll never regret being kind. For the past 5 years I have donated to passion. You can choose who you want to sponsor. I decided to sponsor a young girl. She is now 13 and is still going to school. Most girls at her age are taken out to help at home. Due to the small donation I make every month she will continue to get an education.

I see a lot of people every day who are circumscribed by those beliefs.

They believe they shouldn’t spend a good 6 – 8 hours of their day consciously working on their goals.

They believe in shortcuts. They say things like, I am trying to work “smarter” and not “harder.” People who believe they should work “smarter” are typically people who do the bare minimum to get by. Their heart is not into what they are doing and they are simply tagging along “to see what happens” or until they “figure out what they are truly passionate about.”

I am not saying you should not search for your purpose. You are certainly entitled to do so.

But that’s on you to do.

No one will find your purpose for you. And you won’t find your purpose sitting at home or in front of your TV or by slacking off at your job.

If you are not investing serious and I mean serious effort into your goals, then you are not serious about finding your purpose.

You are simply lazy.

But there is a second group of people who, unlike the lazy archetype, are enslaved by false beliefs.

They genuinely want to accomplish their goals, but they do not understand what the process of reaching their goals really looks like.

They have false beliefs about the process.

They often romanticize the process of success and think of it as a linear experience from start to finish: where the good times greatly outnumber the bad times.

Now, I have no doubt that their heart is in it, but the truth is that their failure to make real progress is a result of lacking certain skills. They do not have the necessary set of skills to help them chart the strategic path and execute.

In this post, I will discuss a few modest ideas that have helped me elevate my consciousness and make progress on my goals.

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