Borrowed Power VS Being Empowered

Everyone borrows power from someone one way or another. There is always a human habit for us to edify ourselves by claiming someone important is related to our person in order for us to fulfill our needs to feel important. However, does it really help our personal character at all? We can reflect on many scenarios. That friend wanting to be relevant to a group grieving over a familiar person’s death by saying she knows him; the speaker who namedrops popular figures in order to make his arguments authoritative; even Donald Trump supporters proclaim a higher power made him President.

There are many individuals whose reputations rest on someone else’s popularity. They hold on to somebody having power, even having a dependency on icons everyone wants to know, who may not even know them that well. What much does it do, but stifle the chance for people to know them better? This is a negative trend. By borrowing power, especially from people, it dims your control over your own development. Your self-value is then defined by what you do not have, rather than who you can be. We need to recognize our gifts as talents and our person as an opportunity.

Many professionals always say they know someone influential to perk up conversations. Still, how many times can one borrow power from others to empower themselves? When it comes to show , you may know this Datin or that Tun, but it remains your own person that needs to stand in power.

If you are working as a licensing agent for “Doraemon”, it is easy to do cold calls. Surely people will be interested in what you have to say since the first line you will say is, “Hello, I am from Doraemon.” before you reveal your name, borrowing Doraemon’s star power.

However, when you start work for another company and you use your name as an introduction, it is when you have to convince people about yourself. People get to know you. You will be judged by the efficiency and quality of your talk. Then, you must rise above Doraemon’s shadow.

It may not always be who you know that makes or breaks your professional person, rather who knows you are significant. It is fruitless to know every big shot in town but you fail as a character. No big words uttered can ever sustain as far as a self-empowered person.

When you make it a habit of borrowing someone else’s power, you lose your identity, what defines you and your own potential, especially when people would probably be more interested to talk to your high-level friend instead of you. Stripped of that shadow, who are you? What do you want? It is alright to have that powerful friend to talk about. But no one should ever let that be the shadow over their shine. Most importantly, never fail to fulfill your part as a person, and contribute to the relationship you want to have built for a meaningful future partnership.

It the end, these powerful friends may come and go. What remains constant is over yourself, your reputation, your character, that will determine how people will know and remember you. The attempt is to be the person that people want to deal with, regardless of who are the people you know. After all, powerful people you know will also evaluate you. You are only with them if you are somebody that matters. If you no longer have value, you will lose them. That is why you must always be empowered, amongst all your connections for people to know, who you are.


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