End of Year Blues – 

It’s that time of the year already as we approach the last week for the year 2017. With Christmas just past and the New Year about to come by next Monday many are enjoying their well earned holidays in and out of the country.

For many, life still goes on as businesses and corporate entities still have to open to cater to their respective markets. Restaurants and cafes for example can’t afford to close for business except maybe during an important festive national holiday as there are bills and other liabilities to be paid at the end of each month. Same as those working in the Government and private sectors, even if the bosses or colleagues go on a month long break still others have to carry on to do the daily tasks.

It is interesting to note though usually by the time December comes and when the schools are on a long break the traffic jams in the morning suddenly seems bearable and the public transport less crowded than usual. What hits the hardest though comes in the form of eateries, especially the middle to high end markets that are located in shopping malls.
As most of the target markets make their way to a colder holiday destination or simply travelling on a road less travelled restaurant proprietors will definitely feel the pinch in terms of finding customers to even break even.

This is a norm not only in a city like Kuala Lumpur but also everywhere around the world. But fret not, as this is only a seasonal hiccup that businesses face because by the time January sets in and school reopens everything will return to normal in the daily lives of people.

So here’s wishing a very happy and good New Year and may everyone do well and good luck in their endeavours for 2018!