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With Flipbizz App you’ll get fast, simple and connect to reliable O2O Business or non-business communities for free or subscription.

Flipbizz app is designed for people who wanted to explore, empower and contribute to make a different to entrepreneurship around the world. Data protection enable.

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Beyond business connection and networking

Time to flip your business up a notch

Still worry about how to prepare yourself for networking?

Still wearing blazers for business meetings?

Still confining yourself in the office rooms for business operations and networking?

Still seeing potential business partners and clients face to face and later find yourself caught in the traffic jam?

Ditch that corporate suits. Get out from your office rooms and go to the café or better still, the beach to connect
with potential business partners and clients – ONLINE!

The business world has evolved so much. Straight jacket, turtle neck and jeans are accepted in the business world. Flexibility to work has become the norm. People have moved from boardroom and office rooms to café, hotel and even beach side to work. Connecting and networking with the right people and skills via online is the trend now. Digital nomads have become a trend.

Imagine meeting up a photographer, fashion designer, a caterer, an emcee all in an online business platform like Flipbizz if you are an event manager. You have all the right connection you need to work as a team in Flipbizz.

The internet has opened up a whole new opportunity to build your own business empire and empower your business circles with a few taps on your smartphone.

In short, Flipbizz is the new trend of doing business, connecting and networking with others online. A platform where we bring both technology and a human touch to your business world. Flipbizz’s Empowering your Network.

Key Features

Business Moment that Matter

Turbo Charge your Brand

Capture the moments matter your brand. (Photo & Videos)
Share your latest Personal & Business achievement instantly.
Filter Company News, Features, Policies, Trends, Analysis, Company Results, Industry News,

E-Name Card

Simple, Dynamic & Share

Receive your cards even without installing apps.
Easily Scan, Share, Update & Store contact info. Easily create your digital business card from scratch.

Privacy on Own Demand

Build your network team within others acceptable privacy.

Real Time Cloud Contacts Forever

Update and Active Networks on the go

Contacts real-time update.
Access anywhere without mobile phone.
Categories contacts based on you.
Understanding your networks and plan your contact network.

Unlimited Office Opportunities

Community Keep in Touch

Create Unique Community Group
Keep in touch with friends, partners, associate & coworkers through offline.
Share messages, photos & videos among your community.

Subscriber Referral Program

Free for live in Networking

Subscriber community can enjoy the rewards by referring your friends to the group.
Subscriber Communities is varies subject to the community operator.
Explore more networks without any financial pressure. Withdrawal upon request only to user company bank account.

Very Active Community

This features was built with the entrepreneurs’ leader in mind. Community Management brings your branding to life online – like it’s a real person with a real personality behind real interactions.

Flipbizz can help community management make easy by providing customer support and deliver important notifications to your subscribers.

Flipbizz provide customer retention solution with flexible referral system.

Subscriber can share messages, photos, and videos with no limit of people at once. Can mute or customise notifications, and more.

Quick Installation

Quickly and simply build a personalised professional and organisation profile (multiple) to provides insight into your personality and work ethic with Flipbizz portfolio.

A collection of assets where you can showcase online or offline anytime and anywhere, for any opportunities comes by.

(Showcase Professional Profile, Organisation Profile and e-Name card.

Business Mantra

  • Humanizing Business online
  • The water will remain calm if untouched. But imagine putting all your five fingers on the surface. The ripples will be formed and it grows bigger with stronger energy.
  • Likewise, you have a platform like Flipbizz. When you can organize your network start with five and then more team members in your circle, you can eventually create your own Business Community.
  • This is the premise of Flipbizz. We forgot the cold face of technology by injecting human values like people skills and warmth.
  • We combine both the technology and people skills together by connecting you with other potential business partners and clients.
  • So business networking has become more than just meeting up. It starts from the most vital point- online.
  • Build and stay connected to your business whenever, whatever
  • Build trusted business associates to help close your deals, win pitches and much more..
  • The more community your join, the bigger support team you have. And you can create your own too ….
  • Chances of closing deal is 3x higher.
  • Greater insights through online survey.
  • Business opportunities abound when other members publish their needs.
  • Get rewards from your network circles. And free for life networking.
  • Flipbizzers can also become customers by making use of the platform to buy products and services from other members.



Having Question? Check out our Flipbizz’s FAQ

All subscribers are to submit their valid documentation for verification to obtain a Verified Badge in their profile. This ensures the credibility of Flipbizzers on this platform. We are determined to manage Flipbizz as a healthy business networking platform for businesspeople, professionals and entrepreneurs, as everyone within are enrolled via recommendations or referrals from business associates.

Flipbizz subscription is not bound by a contract; you may cancel your subscription any time. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

It is a business mobile application so it is understandable that the application can be more so difficult to use. However, we have a customer support team that will provide face-to-face guidance and assistance should you need help using the app.
You can assign an editor to help manage your business / organization feeds and advertisements. When you join our offline business networking sessions, there will also be mobile application assistants on ground to share with you how to use Flipbizz.

There will be different business events, some from us, and others from our partners which you can attend and participate.
From time to time we will organize different business events at our center. You may choose to attend and participate in the ones you like. Follow us on Facebook to receive first-hand updates on the latest events.

You do not have to. However, you can choose to contribute your rebates to a good cause by giving back to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. There are many interesting events and programs churned from our CSR plans so please contact us when it is released and you are interested.

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App available for Android  & iPhone. Grab it now and enjoy.